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Higher Education
Higher Education

CanadaSDS's easy and affordable SDS and chemical inventory management, for Higher Ed.

You’ve got tens or even hundreds of buildings at multiple campuses and thousands of printed SDSs. You need a user-friendly, economical online SDS management solution to locate and store your MSDS / SDS for all locations, as well as to be able to print GHS compliant workplace labels and track chemical inventory quantities. Choose CanadaSDS for  SDS management at your university or college.

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The CanadaSDS platform has been built for higher ed institutions. We are the largest provider of SDS management services to the education industry in Canada.

Are you:
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Depending on age-old paper archives or an antiquated SDS storage system for managing diverse chemicals across various academic labs and research centers?

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Wrestling with a complicated SDS platform that faculty and students find overwhelming and challenging to use for information retrieval or input?

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Facing hurdles in regularly assessing potential risks and chemical hazards in educational environments with limited research assistants and faculty?

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Encountering challenges in maintaining a chemical inventory, especially when researchers or departments source chemicals directly off the shelf?

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Not adequately equipped with a holistic understanding of material safety data sheets, essential for grasping chemical dangers in educational laboratories?

How CanadaSDS can help your higher ed institution:

Universities and colleges across Canada rely on safety data sheet software and services from CanadaSDS.

From comprehensive pricing to holistic support, every facet of our SDS offering is tailored to cater to the academic sector. Whether you're still operating with paper methods or transitioning from another system, CanadaSDS ensures a smooth integration of your SDSs into our award winning SDS ed tech platform at no extra expense. Recognized for its adaptability, rich functionality and reliability, the CanadaSDS system provides uninterrupted 24x7 access for university and college users. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist with keeping your inventory up-to-date frequently verifying the presence of the latest SDS. We recognize the responsibilities education administrators; the management or concerns about SDSs shouldn't add to your list.

CanadaSDS’s higher ed safety data sheet, material safety data sheet, and chemical management software and services can help you:


Safely manage and organize your higher ed institution's entire MSDS/SDS and chemical inventory online.


Configurable interface, managed access and database structure for multiple departments, faculties, campuses, locations, buildings, labs, offices, rooms and storage.


Easily be accessible by students, teachers, administrators, faculty and staff within seconds.


Manage a large and up-to-date SDS database/ library for your university of college.


Powerful, Google-like search capabilities to make it easy to find the SDS sheet and related health and safety information you are looking for.


Inventory tracking for off the shelf chemical and product purchases to ensure your inventory remains complaint and safe.


Push safety information specific to the classes and courses a student takes as well as safety videos and instructions for equipment they use on campus, in labs and classrooms.

Is your higher education institution ready for CanadaSDS?

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