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School Boards & Districts
School Boards & Districts

The #1 Canadian School Board & School District SDS and Chemical Management Software.

Our award winning school board SDS software keeps your schools safe. CanadaSDS offers easily accessible, GHS-compliant SDS/MSDS online chemical management solutions, specialized for K-12 school boards and school districts.

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CanadaSDS is school and education focussed. We are the largest provider of SDS management services to K12, elementary and high schools in Canada.

Are you:
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Relying on traditional paper folders or an outdated SDS database for monitoring numerous chemicals across diverse departments and sites?

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Struggling to consistently monitor potential dangers and chemical hazards at your school board?

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Navigating an old SDS interface that employees find challenging and daunting to operate or retrieve information from?

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Falling short in comprehensive material safety data sheet knowledge and an in-depth understanding of chemical hazards?

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Facing challenges in managing a chemical inventory when team members make off-the-shelf purchases?

Here’s how CanadaSDS can help:

Nearly 100 Canadian school boards using CanadaSDS.

We understand the needs of school boards and districts. Our all-inclusive pricing model coupled with our comprehensive support demonstrates our commitment to being K-12 education-focussed. Whether you’re transitioning from paper records or another system, we ensure a seamless integration and setup of your SDSs into the acclaimed CanadaSDS platform. Renowned for its adaptability and classroom-friendly features, our system guarantees round-the-clock access. Our support team stands ready to assist in ensuring your inventory remains current, routinely verifying the availability of updated SDS versions.


Our SDS software is incredibly easy to access and use.


Easily search for the information you, your students, teachers, administrators and workers need.

School boards

We work with the largest number of school boards and school districts of any other SDS management software company in Canada

We work with the largest number of school boards and school districts of any other SDS management software company in Canada.

Delta School District
Simcoe country district school board
manitoba school boards
Edmonton public schools
Conseil Scolaire

Is your school board or school district ready to make the switch?

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